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Angle Razor

Modernize the old-school routine with an Angle Razor. Who would have ever thought you could simplify and improve the tried and true straight razor? A perfect straight-shave lives and dies on the blade’s edge, and over time those blades need sharpening. Morrama has taken the tedious task of sharpening out of the equation by integrating (100 year-old design) standard disposable blades directly into the Angle Razor. This minimal razor is the optimal balance between style and functionality. The handle is perfectly weighted to create a balanced pivot at the thumb and forefinger for precise control. The Angle uses standard razor blades that are easily reloaded thanks to internal magnetic positioning joints and a swinging paddle that is secured directly into the handle. It’s built to last a lifetime, machined from solid aluminum and a solid brass pivot pin.

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Morrama Angle Razor Morrama Angle Razor Morrama Angle Razor