If ya really wanna know

LumberJac isn’t about finding the best tree, or even cutting it down. It’s about using that perfect two-headed axe and turning that lush pine tree into the perfect Christmas tree. It’s about frying up the perfect piece of crispy bacon in that seamless cast iron pan, laying down that fresh set of tracks using a set of 1970s snowshoes, being first in line for the long awaited smart phone or eating a satisfying flapjack breakfast and looking your best while doing so.

We’re comprised of a couple discerning Canadian guys who appreciate minimal design, urban living, the lure of the outdoors and finding the perfect products to live our lives. Our axes are kept sharp by chopping out the crap and finding more than a pretty new object that will end up in the dump, but discovering that perfectly designed companion that lasts the test of time.

If you’re an urban dweller, appreciate quality and design and the lure for the outdoors, we just might have something that turns your crank. Check out our lumberyard, eh! Trust us, you’ll save yourself some precious time that could be better spent admiring your perfect handlebar moustache or schooling the competition with your new gear.

Double headed axe by Base Camp X.