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M Lamp - LumberJac

M Lamp

Dig a little deeper with Juniper Design’s M Lamp. There is something about the past that intrigues us, we constantly search for inspiration…

LED Lenser P7.2 - LumberJac

P7.2 Flashlight

The night just got a little brighter with the all-new P7.2 Flashlight. Night time is inevitable, but there is nothing worse than having…

Double O Bike Light - LumberJac

Double O Bike Light

Streamline your night rides with a Double O Bike Light. From the designer of the Vamp (wireless speaker converter), Paul Cocksedge it hitting…

Drum Lamp - lumberjac.com

Drum Lamp

Give a washing machine drum a second life with the Drum Lamp. Dutch based designer Willem Heeffer has up-cycled this product that has…