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OD-11 WIreless Speaker

OD-11 Wireless Speaker

Introducing the OD-11 Wireless Speaker, it’s back and better than ever. If you’ve been following us you’ll know that we have a fascination…

Fugoo-speaker-1 - LumberJac

Fugoo Wireless Speaker

Meet Fugoo, the four season, all-adventure wireless speaker. This little juggernaut will withstand any conditions, and can be taken virtually anywhere. It’s mud…

Earin Wireless Earbuds - LumberJac

Earin Wireless Earbuds

Rid yourself of wires with the Earin Wireless Earbuds. Introducing the smallest, wireless earbuds designed to give you the most comfortable music experience.…

J-TEK One - LumberJac


Bring back the meaning of true sound with the J-TEK One sound system by Jarre. Jarre Technologies has a single vision for their…

Lockitron - Lumberjac


Leave your keys at home when you have the Lockitron installed. The Lockitron is a keyless locking system that allows for wireless entry…