Chop like a pro with the VIPUKIRVES Leveraxe. This isn’t just any axe, it’s literally a machine when it comes to splitting firewood. Unlike traditional axes where the blade is centered and balanced with the handle, the Leveraxe is attached to the handle from the side resulting in the center of gravity being on one side of the line of strike. This off-centered blade rotates upon hitting the top of the log, forcing a split with all the force of the kinetic energy of the axe multiplied by the leverage of the axehead. Due to the abnormal shape and rotation upon strike, you’ll never have to worry about getting the blade stuck. Fifteen years in the making, the VIPUKIRVES Leveraxe is designed to perfection and manufactured in Finland using age-old precision-cast techniques. Check out this video to see how insanely quick this axe chews through over-sized logs your traditional axe would only dream of chopping.

Get your Leveraxe here or directly from Amazon.

June 17, 2013  |  Axes, Car Camping Essentials, Cargo  |  ,  |  Share

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