Honda C50


You meet the nicest people on a Honda C50. I think the owners of 56 Motors would agree with that 60’s slogan, after all, they’re all about making sure that the customer is happy. As they say, a happy customer is a repeat customer! 56 Motors is a passionate young Parisian custom garage who have rebuilt this fabulous Honda C50, making it a custom classic beast that screams more than just great taste, but also wicked style. This bike is downright sexy, and it doesn’t hurt to have great photos by David Marvier. It embodies the bad boy Honda image with custom flair that fits its unique soul. The tires (that add some off-road prowess, although I might be a little hesitant to venture off the beaten path), suites the overall finish, giving it some masculine muscle. I guarantee that if you ride this little Honda, you make one helluva statement.

Embrace the inner niceness and get yours at TheArsenale’s online store.