Underwater Dogs

Underwater dogs by Seth Casteel

Nothing says “vacation” like hitting the open road with your favorite 4-legged friend in your VW Kombi Van. Surfing, hiking, biking, and chillin’, your dog will be at our side every step of the way. Award-winning photographer, and animal-rights activist Seth Casteel has brilliantly captured the immersed underwater dog in his hardcover photography book appropriately titled “Underwater Dogs“. The composition of each photograph is well thought out, and balanced with beautifully saturated colors. All the photos could easily stand alone, or work well together to tell a story.

Underwater dogs by Seth Casteel 1

From the surface, playing fetch looks simple; what we don’t see is the primal underwater fight for their favorite ball. Gums flapping, teeth flared, and ears billowing, there’s over 80 photographs that humorously captures their pure determination. If I focused this hard of my surfing skills, I’d probably be able to properly catch a wave! This book will provide just enough inspiration to plan your next vacation to the coast. Pick one up here.