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Manfield Wool Cerutti Jacket by K-WAY

Manfield Wool Cerutti by K-WAY

The Manfield Wool Cerutti Jacket by K-WAY isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of K-WAY. Boy, has K-WAY come a along way! To be honest, I’m still surprised that they exist. I remember back in the day when the K-WAY pull-over jacket was the big thing to own. Well fast-forward to 2012, and this Canadian company has managed to survive all this time, all while introducing some new items. Enter the Manfield Wool Cerutti, this is one slick jacket. The jacket combines precious wool with anti-drop membrane and heat-sealed seams. Offered in black or grey, K-Way has done it again, and we could see this jacket being timeless design. Get one here.