PinPres Shelf

PinPres - LumberJac

Invite visual interest into your room with the PinPres Shelf by ooomydesign. This is certainly one of the most innovative shelving units we’ve posted to date. Made of either natural pine, plywood, or white lacquer, this adaptable unit will house anything you throw at it, literally. Reminiscent of my old pin point impression art toy, this shelf is a throw back to my childhood. Available as a full sized unit, or a PinPres mini, this unit can be further personalized by choosing lipstick red, sunny yellow, true blue, or passion purple to spruce up your space. Lovingly handmade in Spain from the finest locally sourced wood, the PinPres is a work of art, and a labor of love.

Get yours here at ooomydesign’s online store.

PinPres Mini - LumberJac