Project Mutant Custom Bouldering Mats

Project Mutant Custom Bouldering Mats - LumberJac

Fall in style with Project Mutant’s Custom Bouldering Mats. We’ve always admired bouldering and an athletes ability to scale rocks like they are some kind of mutant spider. We’ve given it a go and had our fair share of falls into the safety of the all-mighty precious bouldering mat. Alpkit has come out with a custom line of bouldering mats that have one-up’d the traditional design by offering the ability to choose a style that best suites you, and your personality. Project Mutant are based on the same formula as their standard Phud Mujo mats and include features like a massive landing area, one piece wrap-around closer, and a 1000d Cordura shell. Made in the UK right in Alpkit’s workshop, the quality can be closely monitored allowing them total control over every element. Here’s your chance to get individualized equipment that is as unique as the line you take.

Available online via Alpkit’s online store.