Lems Boulder Boot Review

Boulder Boot - LumberJac

Live easy and minimal, now that’s a motto we can embrace. We received our Lems Boulder Boots in the mail and we were instantly impressed with their weight and minimalist design. We have to confess, we were a bit skeptical of the whole “barefoot” and minimal shoe movement, but our Lems experience might just make us converts. Let’s discuss a few reasons why we’re fans.

First Impressions
Opening the box I must admit, these boots look great. It’s one thing to see them in a photo, but it’s another to see them in person. The first thing that caught our eye was the level of detail and quality construction of the boot. An example of Lems commitment to quality is the double stitching with high quality materials like their custom injected LemsRubber. Another feature that immediately caught our eye (well, more like touched our senses) were the small bumps on the inside sole. At first they felt odd, but grew to be one of our favorite details. Picking these babies up surprised us yet again. They’re not lying about how ultra-light these boots are. Once we slipped these puppies on they immediately reminded us of a pair of Sanuks, yet as a durable boot. We were totally stoked to put them to the test.

Boulder Boot - LumberJac

In Use
We mostly tested the boots during the winter time running our day-to-day errands in the urban jungle. For a minimalistic boot we found them to be the perfect day-to-day companion. They are simple enough to wear to work, and stylish enough to wear running errands. Despite being minimalistic, we found that the sole still managed to soak up the impact of concrete surfaces. The boot’s flexibility also made driving a cinch.

As regular runners and bike commuters we’re often stuffing our shoes in a bag, so having a lightweight boot is helpful. In addition to being lightweight (9.9 oz to be exact), Lems boots are highly collapsible and designed to be stuffed in a bag with other gear. Finally, we have permission to stuff and mistreat a shoe.  Although we haven’t camped with them yet (it’s presently -30 outside), Lems would make for an ideal lightweight camping or travel partner.

Boulder Boot Detail - LumberJac

As far as aesthetics, we dig the black outer with the red and black plaid inner.  The Boulder Boot also comes in “gravel” (grey) and brown. Color is obviously a personal preference, but we often stick to neutrals. The Boulder Boots are constructed using a 100% water-resistant nylon upper, and are lined with 100% cotton. Our only complaint is the mild fraying that has occurred on the outer toe. Although this does not impact the performance, they do look a bit worn.

Boulder Boot - LumberJac

In contrast to the other shoes we own there is no heel counter, no toe counter, and no shank (sorry prisoners, can’t use them as a weapon). I assumed that these boots would be uncomfortable after prolonged use, but I was wrong.  After months of use, I can honestly say these puppies are comfy.

Final Thoughts
This American family owned company makes a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint and prides itself on offering many vegan shoes in their line up. If you’re a shopper with a conscience you can rest easy supporting this company. Keep up the great work LEMS, our feet thank you.

Get your Boulder Boots at Lem’s online store.