Branch Stool

Branch Stool - LumberJac

Branch out with the Branch Stool by Christoph Schindler. The Branch stool proves there is no waste when it comes to a fallen tree. Designer Christoph Schindler incorporated what nature built, and has branched out creating a rather ingenious design. The branch joint (which is inherently strong and similar in design), was initially a case study on how natural structures could be combined with modern technology. Built using branches, the seat is made using CNC milled powder coated MDF. As far as we are concerned this is one successful venture that has produced a visually stunning stool. Unfortunately limited to 15 pieces, you can be guaranteed not to see anything like it elsewhere.

Available through Stillfried Wien’s online store.

Branch Stool1 - LumberJac

Branch Stool2 - LumberJac

Branch Stool3 - LumberJac

Branch Stool4 - LumberJac