Time to upgrade your camping mug with Unityware. While out camping I’ve come to treasure some necessary items like my knife, flashlight, and my axe; but there are also the non-essentials that are nice to have around but still serve an important purpose. The Unityware mug is the perfect mug that respectfully represents a non-essential but kind-of essential outdoor item. Mercantile and Norquay Co. have closely collaborated to create a modern take on the classic porcelain mug. Made by hand in Poland, a country rich in enamel production (I guess I learn something new everyday), using a quality process dating back to WWII. There are four in total that employ fantastic designs representing air, fire, land, and sea.  Eat, drink, and be merry with this iconic enamelware and you’ll forever be in style while enjoying the ever splendid outdoors.

Sold in pairs or as a set of four, pick yours up at Mercantile or Norquay Co. online store.