Colby II Beach Pant


Relax in style with the Colby II Beach Pant. Who says that relaxing around the house can’t be stylish? The Colby II Beach Pant ensures that your most comfortable days are not meant to be sheltered beneath your roof. Made in the USA, the Colby II features a 100% cotton Japanese Jacquard fabric which is dyed in a subtle tonal black camouflage design. The pants come with all the style cues you’d expect from a lounge pant like and elastic waist with interior drawstring, a zip fly closure and stretch-banded cuffs. Unlike the baggy sweats of the eighties (who can forget those glorious days?), the fit has been slimmed down and tapered. The Colby II Beach Pant allows your comfortable days to extend beyond just Sunday.

Available at Aloha Sunday.