Josiah Bluetooth Speaker


Old and new cast into one with the Josiah Bluetooth Speaker. If you’ve ever looked or were interested in purchasing a bluetooth speaker but were turned off due to the mix of low-class materials such as plastics, you’re not alone. The Josiah Bluetooth Speaker by Yair Neuman marries age-old ceramics with high-tech bluetooth technology to create a timeless classic. Initially made out of his love for long lasting objects, Yair combines handcrafted production via traditional artisans in the English patters’ capital of Stoke-on-Trent, an area that has been producing ceramics the same way since the 17th century, with state-of-the art audio production. Don’t let the heritage fool you, the Josiah takes its style and high-tech minimalism seriously. Buttons and flashing lights have been replaced by high tech touch sensors and sound pleasing notification tones. Don’t let crappy materials decide what you listen to, instead play them loud and proud on this minimalist marvel of ceramics and state -of-the-art audio device.

Available with or without blue decal at Impossible.