Lone Star Edition Stand Up Paddle Board


Freedom is a state of mind with the Lone Star Edition Stand Up Paddle Board. If you’re eager to explore the water world via paddle and board there is nothing more relaxing than being on the open water. Designed as an exclusive collaboration between No. 4 St. James and Jarvis Boards of Austin, Texas, they have created an absolutely stunning looking paddle board to honor the State of Texas and its more than 80,000 miles of tranquil waterways. Crafted from natural American cherry, cedar and fir wood for the exterior. and a modern recycled foam core interior; the board weights in at roughly 30lbs making it an incredible fast lean mean fighting machine. Although extremely light, the board measures in at a generous 32 inches making it incredible stable. Adorning this sweet ride is a minimalist star on the bow and is finished off with a subtle pinstripe. On the bottom, a tasteful custom graphic of the state of Texas (its shape formed by the major waterways with its boundaries) has been in-layed. As free as the open water is, the Lone Star Edition Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect vehicle for your adventure.

Get your directly via No 4 St. James or Jarvis Boards.