Woolsey Agent Desk


Take your work undercover with the Woolsey Agent Desk. If you’re like us and hate clutter, then why not go deep undercover to take care of it? Furniture designer Sean Woolsey couldn’t agree more and has designed the Agent desk to deal with this hostile situation. Named after Mr. Bond, one of Sean’s favorite agents, the Agent desk is all sex appeal on the outside and all business on the inside. Made from stunning rich American walnut the Agent desk is outfitted with many inventive qualities that Q would be jealous of, such as two leather lined lockable drawers, perfect for laptop or whiskey stash. A leather built in mouse pad beautifully hides an internal storage for mouse, pens, launch codes or whatever little secrets you like to hide. It is cleverly opened with a strong magnetic wood geode. Power is all important in the Agent’s life and has been supplied via a gorgeous magnetic power block which can be uprooted in a moment’s notice supplying you with much needed back up. Made to order, this Agent desk only takes orders from you and is the perfect accomplice in taking care of that unforgiving work scene.

Available with a white or black powder coated steel base directly from Sean Woolsey.