Capstone Heated Gloves


Turn up the heat with the Capstone Heated Gloves. Nothing sucks like having cold hands while out in the soon to be snowy wonderland. For the most part, the cold doesn’t bug us but as soon as our hands get frosty, it’s pretty much game over. Thank goodness there are brands like Outdoor Research who have turned up the temperature on heated glove innovation. I still can remember back in the day when it was a rare treat to have those packs that you shook to provide welcome warmth. The Capstone heated gloves are the latest high tech for the hands, utilizing two ALTIHeat Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries per glove to juice enhanced heating elements located throughout the back of the hands and fingers. Doubling up on this tech give the Capstone twice as much heat as what the industry considers standard. To top it off, Outdoor Research utilizes PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Hi-Loft, a GORE-TEX insert and touch-screen compatible Sensor leather to make this one hot glove for the up and coming season. Now all we need is to get our hands on them to see if they truly are the hottest ticket on the block this season!

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