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Nomo Design Auto Icon Prints

Nomo Design Auto Icon Prints bring to life the pure elements of car design. If you’re a car enthusiast or a designer like us you begin to look and appreciate every aspect of car design. It’s truly amazing, whether good or bad, how every little aspect has been touched by a designer. Jerome Dakesiewicz from Nomo design has brought true light to the details of such design. Marrying minimal line work with intricate prints, Jerome has truly captured the essence of one’s favourite car brand through its automotive history. Whether it’s the tail lights of your favourite Porsche or BMW to the headlights of your favourite Subaru, Nomo design prints create a unique perspective on an everlasting iconic face of automotive design.

Available either from Huckberry or via Nomo Design.

Nomo Design Prints LumberJac Nono Design Prints LumberJac Nono Design Prints LumberJac Nono Design Prints LumberJac