Yeti SB5+ LumberJac

Yeti SB5+

No one likes plus sizes more than the Yeti SB5+. If you’re always grabbing for those super fat tires yet you’re always met with a slap in the face, you might want to seek help. Designed to work exclusively with plus-sized wheels (up to 3″ tires) the Yeti SB5+ gives you the help you desire. Built to bring large tires to all, the Yeti SB5+ is constructed around Yeti’s lightest high-quality TURQ carbon frame, weighing in at a measly 2.34 lbs. Of course the SB5+ utilizes Yeti’s own Switch Inifiti rear shock system, and when combined with rear Fox shock you get a super supple 5″ of smoothing travel. Available in five different component specs, the bike weighs anywhere from 27.2 to 29lbs—that’s a whole lot of big tire bike for such a small weight. As fans of Yeti, and understanding the control and stability plus sized tires bring to the whole experience, it’s nice to see the combination finally come together in a one plus size package. While not everyone desires plus sizes, once you try it out you’ll never want to go back.

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Yeti SB5+ LumberJac Yeti SB5+ LumberJac Yeti SB5+ LumberJac Yeti SB5+ LumberJac Yeti SB5+ LumberJac