SipaBoards Fisherman


Introducing the SipaBoards Fisherman, a get up and go system that takes you where the fish are. If you’ve ever fished on a river, often times you’re stuck wading on the side, or you have to transport a cumbersome boat. For the most part that works, but how nice would it be to be able to just get up and go? Last year SipBoards introduced a self inflating, jet propelled paddle board that can take you anywhere you want to go. New for 2016 they have introduced the Fisherman. The Fisherman combines their advanced jet propulsion and self inflation system (SipaDrive) with an extra large board built to hold all your gear and more. The SipaDrive, a wicked feature, is hidden nicely in the board allowing for virtually no drag, all while quietly propelling you for a full 3 hours at speeds of 2 knots. Add on rings, plenty of straps, a pump and emissions free central nervous system and you have one enormous (320L /300lbs max capacity) stable surface for attaching nets, hooking up accessories or just dropping an anchor. Made to be frikkin’ durable, the Fisherman is made from two layers of vinyl based fabric, reinforced sides, a drop-stich core and comfortable EVA foam. So next time that fishin’ experience is calling, all you have to do is pack and go and you’ve got one dedicated durable vessel ready at a moments notice.


  • Sturdy and Stable
  • Plenty of Room for gear
  • Compact, east to transport
  • Self-inflation
  • Quiet Jet Propulsion emission free engine
  • 320L / 300lbs capacity

Get ready for spring and pre-order yours now at SipaBoards.