Freitag Fundamentals

Freitag bag

You’ve seen tons of copycats, but nothing comes close to the classic Freitag messenger bag. In 1993 designers Markus and Daniel Freitag, brothers, looked cheap jerseys for a cheap mlb jerseys functional, watertight and robust material for their designs. Inspired by the multicoloured heavy traffic that hummed through the Zurich transit intersection, a messenger Regards bag Dog was born. They used old truck tarpaulins, cycle inner tubes and car seat-belts to construct their masterpiece. Since then, there are over 40 products in the fundamentals collection ranging from bags, iPhone/iPad cases, agendas and notebooks to Bills wallets. The best part is that each bag Selecting is completely unique and as strong as 100-year-old tree trunk. Kids I wholesale jerseys use my bag on a daily basis and it still looks fresh out of the box six years later.

Available directly from the Freitag store.