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AW12 Mac Station Jacket by Denham

AW12 Mac Station by Denham

No barrier is too great for this unique clothing company. Introducing the all new AW12 Mac Station Jacket by Denham. Denham has gone to great lengths researching materials, vintage design, and contemporary features resulting in an eclectic multinational-inspired clothing line. The Mac station has melded the two different designs of the Belgian mountain parka and the Faulklands-era British OD smock into one. The Mac Station is specially crafted using a special 2-ply mackintosh fabric that sandwiches a thin layer of rubber. I never thought I’d own a jacket made of rubber! A modern feature that we dig is the two specially designed pockets, an exterior one for your iphone, and an interior one for your ipad. This all-weather jacket is available in red or blue, with warm compact lined wool melton. This jacket would be a great addition for any season, and its universal functionality helps you stay up-to-date. Pick one up here.