Sputnik Jetpack Commuter Bag

Sputnik Jetpack commuter bag

Be seen with the Sputnik Jetpack commuter bag. I’ve never trusted vehicles while I bike, and now more than ever with the proliferation of texting while driving. In the absence of wearing a fluorescent orange body suit, the Spunik Jetpack commuter bag will help draw attention to your presence. There’s nothing subtle about the Jetpack, and that’s the way we like it. It starts with a EN 471 standard safety vest that gets transformed into a clean and simple functional commuter bag. The Jetpack will hold just enough so you won’t leave anything behind. As a bonus you’ll also manage to fit that oversized 17 inch laptop, if you so desire. The outer shell of the Sputnik will get you noticed, while the inlay is waterproof to keep your goods dry. This ingenious bag was designed and manufactured by Zurich based Sputnik. Get yours at their online store here.