Amazonia Bike

Amazonia Bike by Ton-up Garage

The Amazonia Bike by Ton-up Garage has a little bit of the wild built right into it. Ton-up is at it again and have produced an off-road inspired bike. Like all their bikes we’ve featured, we appreciate how they combine existing fabrication alongside customization, creating a bike that is not only road worthy, but appears as if it drove right off a showroom floor. The Amazonia is built off a 2012 Triumph that includes larger mods such as a custom 2013 Zard exhaust, right down to a one-of -a-kind Jerrican luggage box. Although we can’t speak for the road worthiness of the Amazonia, off-road prowess is what the jungle is all about. It just goes to show when you leave the job in the hands of professionals, you get a standout quality piece. Find out more about their custom creations, and if your in their neck of the woods stop by and see them in person.

Amazonia Bike Detail