Beech Leech Skateboard

Beach Leech - MIni Cruiser

Introducing the Beech Leech Skateboard, a high tech composite masterpiece. Skatin’ has been practically unchanged for many years now (using wood as the core product for its design) but that’s about to change. Not that there is anything wrong with wood, but it’s always nice when companies push the boundaries of design and innovation. Hydroflex was tinkering around with leftover materials from their surfboard manufacturing process, and were pushed by their friends to make the skateboard a reality. The result is a foam, fiber, and resin skateboard implemented through a 3D-glassing™ technology that is light, strong, and waterproof. What makes this board stand out (other that 10 sick intoxic colors), is its replication of the honey comb. Engineered in Germany and made in California, the Beech Leech is bound to make waves as one of the latest innovations out of Cali. Help out their kickstart campaign here.

Beach Leech Colors