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Parker Dusseau Suit Jacket

Parker Dusseau Suit Jacket - LumberJac

Commute in style with a Parker Dusseau Commuter Suit Jacket. If you commute or walk to work, and you don’t have the time or desire to bring a change of clothes (or your commute is so close it’s not even necessary), the Commuter Suit Jacket is worth a second look. This flexible form fitting jacket allows for easy movement thanks to a moisture resistant finish Superwool fabric that is part merino wool, part spandex. The poly tricot mesh lining also contains spandex, so you’re guaranteed little to no resistance when you stretch or reach at full arm extension. The best part of both these fabrics is their breathability and moisture wicking qualities. The Commuter also features reverse coil armpit zippers, a hidden reflective collar, and sleeve piping. You don’t have to commute to appreciate a form fitting suit that moves with you.

Available through Parker Dusseau’s online store.

Parker Dusseau Suit Jacket back - LumberJac

Parker Dusseau Suit Jacket zipper - LumberJac