Lauf TR29 Shocks

Shed some weight with the Lauf TR29 Shocks. The revolutionary Lauf shock is for all you gram counters whose sole mission is to one-up your competition. This Lauf weighs in at a shocking 990 grams and the best part, zero moving parts. With no moving parts you don’t have to worry about the performance draining friction normally found in traditional shocks, and you can also forget about maintaining these as they require no oil, air, or attention. The Lauf’s structure is made from carbon fiber and the springs are made with high-performance composites. This spring progressively moves backwards getting stiffer as it absorbs the trail. It’s just effective on city trails or in full race mountain conditions requiring no need for the standard lock-out feature. The Lauf is only available with 60mm of travel and comes in two weight versions.

Select your color and pre-order yours directly through the Lauf’s site.