326 Hydra Series Wide Angle HD Scuba Mask

326 Hydra Series - LumberJac

Introducing the 326 Hydra Series Wide Angle HD scuba mask that captures what Jacques Cousteau couldn’t. I’ve wanted to take my camera under water on occasion, but I trust the water-proof enclosures as much as I trust the shark infested waters. I know there are different options available, but anytime you can integrate a camera within your equipment for a hands-free experience, you get two thumbs from us. Liquid Image has done just that and have built into their scuba mask a 1080P HD Video/12MP camera with a 170 degree wide angle lens. Other features include an easy-to-use lever style button, up to 130ft/40m diving depth, 4GB micro SDHC Card (expandable up to 64GB), and 4 Lithium batteries. With Maui on the Horizon, the only thing I’m disappointed about is not having the Hydra exploring with me.

Available June 2014 from Liquid Image’s online store.

326 Hydra Series - LumberJac

326 Hydra Series 2 - LumberJac

326 Hydra Series 3 - LumberJac

326 Hydra Series 4 - LumberJac