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Convince your friends you went to culinary school with your Florentine Kitchen Knives. We do a lot of cooking in our household, and once I purchased good quality kitchen knives there was no turning back. Florentine Kitchen knives was founded in 2012 by industrial designer Tomer Botner in south-west Tel-Aviv, not Italy like the name might mistaken you to believe. Made in small batches of 100-200 knives, the cook’s knife, for example, is made of stabilized leather, oak and walnut wood; and coloured polymer and brass bolsters give it the visual interest. If you win the lottery and get your hands on a set of the steak knives, you’ll be using the same beautiful knives that diners at the Jane Antwerp will be using. Now if only each set came with that awesome chandelier from Jane Antwerp that I covet.

Get yours kitchen knives at Florentine Kitchen’s online store and your steak knife set at Sergio Herman’s online shop.

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