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Set sail with Mafia Backpacks. There is nothing like having gear that is well designed and guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. If you follow us regularly than you’ll know that we have an affinity for items that are bold, well thought out, and as a bonus, up-cycled. Mafia fits this bill to a T by producing a variety of bags, backpacks, and accessories out of re-purposed sails. The backpacks are a wonderful tribute to the sail’s previous glory, and Mafia has done a great job combining graphic elements that pop and stand out in all the right ways. Mafia started out as an Argentine based company, however, they are looking to spread their wings and open a manufacturing plant in the US. As a proprietary of locally made items resulting in the very best product, they have started up a kickstarter campaign to raise funds and share their damn nice product with the rest of the world.

Available directly through the Mafia online store.

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