Ochre Yellow Felt Roll-Top Backpack

Ochre Yellow Felt Roll-Top Backpack - LumberJac

Pay homage to felted wool with the Ochre Yellow Felt Roll-Top Backpack. When you have a pack as nice as this, you may never want to use it. However, I can assure you that this pack is designed to take its fair share of punishment. This packs handmade design is based around a warm ochre wool felt imported from Holland. The felt (which is inherently soft yet incredible strong), provides a rigid structure for the bag, and due to its dense composition, provides a weather resistant shield. On top of that Sketchbook Crafts used a Waxed Canvas Base, wonderful leather straps, and cotton canvas on the inside. Sketchbook Crafts have created a durable weather resistant pack that plays just as well outdoors as it does in an urban setting.

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