Treeline Rooftop Tent

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You’ll feel like royalty sleeping above everything else in a Treeline Rooftop Tent. If you like a quick set-up, a view other than the wood pile, and a smooth flat sleeping surface (kiss the rocks and roots goodbye); look no further than Treeline’s 2014 line-up. The first thing you’ll notice compared to other Rooftop tents is the curved low profile design which helps with water shedding and increased aerodynamics. It won’t help your gas mileage, but a low curved design does mean less turbulence during those overnight storms. You will also notice the fully-zipped extra-large awning windows, perfect for soaking up the mountain views as you wake to your friend’s brewing coffee. A couple things that you won’t notice, but should take note of are the 0.4 mm aluminum/polyurethane base or 23 mm honeycomb base (depending on the model you choose), the no-see-um mesh throughout, quick release screws for easy install and removal, 2 inch high density foam mattress, emergency unisex urinal and a couple removable gear bags. Don’t expect to get your family of four in here (perfect two-person) as the mattress measures about 4.5 feet wide and almost 8 feet deep (240 mm x 140 mm), but all-in the whole tent is about 97 lbs…not bad considering the construction and durability of this tent.

Get yours through or directly through Treeline.

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