Diefabrik tombox 289 Speaker


Remix the old and the new with the Diefabrik tombox 278. Vintage items have so much character that new items sometimes cannot mimic, plus they often get lost or pushed aside for modern counterparts. Diefabrik (a manufacturing shop founded in 2009 in Leipzig, Germany) have utilized their vintage passion to breathe new life into the long forgotten. The tombox 289 began its life over 30 years ago as a RFT passive speaker. Diefabrik have modernized it by adding a 30-hrs battery plus a 3.5mm stereo jack, creating a super original portable music system. As far as vintage goes, the tombox 289 is one re-inspired design that plays well in today’s modern world.

Stay in tune with the sound and get yours at Diefabrik’s online store.