Sankakel Motorcycle Mask/Neck Warmer


Ride into the wind with the Sankakel Motorcycle Mask/Neck Warmer. While it might not be perfect riding conditions here (albeit we’re in the middle of a Chinook and it’s almost warm enough to pull out the cafe racer), there are still plenty of areas around the world that allow you to enjoy your ride. That said, if you’re more into a classic style of helmet (minus the wind visor), we could definitely see ourselves sporting the Sankekel Mask neck warmer. Sankakel has come up with a great classic looking mask/neck warmer using awesome black herringbone denim. This protection fits perfectly into your shirt/jacket, and is lined with a double thick felted cotton that protects you from the wind and cold and features anti-fog ventilation mesh with brass colored eyelets. Handmade in France, if you’re sick of the wind always having to be at your back, than this classic mask/neck warmer is a must-have.

Get yours at Sankakel’s online store.