Kraftwerk Fuel Cell Portable Charger


Free yourself from the grid with the Kraftwerk Fuel Cell Portable Charger. You’ve probably seen countless portable chargers this year, but nothing will compare to the Kraftwerk. Unlike every other charger that requires electricity to fully recharge, the Kraftwerk gets its juice from a fuel cell that runs on lighter fluid. Give it 3-seconds to fill-up and you have enough power to fully recharge up to the equivalent of 11 iPhones before you need to refill. As long as you have access to lighter fluid (sold at virtually every gas station around the world), you’ll have an unlimited supply of electricity from the simple fuel cell that converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy without noise or any impact on the environment. Kraftwerk is super light, FFA approved, dead-simple to use, and perfect for every application.

Welcome to the future…pre-order your Kraftwerk and help support their Kickstarter campaign.