Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged


The tale of the modern classic comes to life with the Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged. Just when you thought an old dog couldn’t do new tricks, a company comes along and rewrites the book. Jensen Motors all began in 1934 (and later went bankrupt in 1976), and created some timeless classics that will live on for years to come. In 2010 Jensen International Automotive brought back to life the Jensen Interceptor R and in their latest invention strapped a modern supercharged LS3 engine to it. Don’t fret, the modernization doesn’t stop there. They have totally rebuilt the car from the bottom up including mods like full body restoration, paint, and interior. They have done a spectacular job in recreating this classic because no one designs car like they used to. For us, this is one design that will always have a true character unlike anything today. When you add 556bhp under the boot, that doesn’t hurt either.

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