The Bomber Electric Bike by Stealth

Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Here’s something you downhill guys always dreamed of, a bike that climbs for ya! The Bomber Electric Bike by Stealth is one crazy looking bike, it combines the best of both worlds. A powerful electric engine that produces 4500 watts, enough torque to get you up any hill, a top speed of 50 mph to get you to the hill, and a rear travel of 250 mm (9″) to soak up all the big hits your witts can handle. Where was this bike when I was chewing up Mount Seven? At first glance this bike looks absolutely stunning, it just screams to be ridden like it was stolen. The one piece monocoque frame demands trail respect, and its 9 speed sequential internal gear box eliminates the need for chain tensioners, derailleurs and unnecessary maintenance. From my experience, maintenance always rears its ugly head in some shape or form. The cool thing about this electric bike is that it can be charged from a regular socket with a 2 hour charge time. In addition, it comes with a cool regen feature that converts braking energy into electrical energy, feeding back into the battery pack. How cool is that? The only question I have now is how long will the charge last in the real world? Cause’ you don’t want to be watching your bike charge while the rest of the gang is out riding. Try one out here.