AARK Iconic Watch


Time stands still with the AARK Iconic Watch. With all the smart phones out there it’s kind of lessened the need for a watch, however, these days watches have become more of a functional fashion statement. Smart phones are handy and tell time, but when you boil it down, they all look the same. On the other hand a watch can make a statement. It defines an individual’s style and is the period at the end of your fashion wardrobe. That said, AARK has produced a stunning watch design named Iconic. The Iconic watch is a wicked looking watch that combines design cues from industrial and avionic instruments, all in a solid looking form. It’s a simple aesthetic utilitarian piece that is built for durability, which is super nice feature considering most urban active lifestyles. The innards combine Japanese Quartz movement, a dial that is functional and symmetric, and all surrounded by a 316L Aircraft-grade stainless steel. A 3mm Italian calfskin leather band beautifully compliments the rugged style.

Available in Graphite, Monochrome and Inox, order yours at AARK’s online store.