The Tool Wrap: En Plein Air


Your paint brushes are safe and sound in The Tool Wrap: En Plein Air. Going through art/design school I can still remember trucking around my set of paintbrushes in a bulky Tupperware container, and let me tell ya’, it wasn’t pretty. Where was the ‘en plein air’ paintbrush wrap when I needed it most? Made out of pre-consumer waste Hypalon and finished with a strong nylon webbing, the tool wrap features 12 paint brush/pencil pockets (2 miscellaneous pockets) made from re-appropriated army surplus cotton, salvaged army surplus barracks trousers buckles, and an army surplus kit bag handle. Like all their goods, Francli Craftwear handcrafts all their goods using salvaged materials in their small farm studio in Cornwall England. With a luv’ for the outdoors, the folks at Francli Craftwear have created a product line that every outdoor enthusiast is creatively seeking.

Available in moss, mud and stone order yours at Francli Craftwear’s online store.