The Fourneau Bread Oven


Let your taste buds rise every morning with the The Fourneau Bread Oven. Who doesn’t luv’ the fresh smell of bread in the house? As fresh bread fanatics, we are a little to eager (all those damn carbs) to fill our diet with bread, and even more bread. The folks at Strand Design have designed and  launched an awesome bread oven. No, it’s not your typical plastic bread oven that wastes space on your counter, instead it’s a simplistic marvel. Made in the USA from cast iron, the Fourneau is designed to be a simple, effective, and easy way to create multiple shaped loafs. Simply place in the oven, BBQ or camp fire, the Fourneau’s cast iron construction traps the steam from the bread itself, and due to its fantastic design, the bread rises to a crispy golden feast. Top that off with a traditional solid wood peel, and you have an instant classic ready to last for generations to come.

Wake to the smell of fresh artisan bread and pre-order yours at Fourneau.