Railcar Fine Goods Denim

Denim done right by Railcar Fine Goods. From beginning-to-end production, Railcar designs and manufactures an exclusive line of garments utilizing manual techniques, tried and trusted vintage machines, a process long forgotten by mass manufactures. No cutting corners or cheapin’ out second rate fabrics, only superior products made to last and get better with age. Founded by Steven Dang, an ex-passenger train repair technician who started Railcar had the goal to make the finest crafted goods one stitch at a time. Instead of manufacturing their clothes, each piece is carefully crafted where every angle and seam line is designed and considered. Their collection is limited but filled with some daily denim staples and a few definite show stoppers. From the Deuce X021 denim jacket, Felson long sleeve, to the must-have Brown Plaid long sleeve, they are a brand to keep on your radar.

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Railcar Fine Goods DenimRailcar Fine Goods DenimRailcar Fine Goods DenimRailcar Fine Goods