The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees


The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees is a story cut from one block of wood. If you’re a craftsman and enjoy the natural inherent beauty of wood, than sit back and enjoy this tale of how one man made many things from a single tree. Of all things made out of wood, surprisingly Ash is one of the most commonly used to date. Found in tool handles, arrows, wheels, bowls and baseball bats, Robert Penn tells the story of craftsmen and their rare skills in handling this timeless resource. With the craftsman’s dedication to this wood, Robert reveals ancient traditions still utilized, as well as the intimate understanding that comes with working with Ash day-in and day-out. As wood is vital to who we are as humans, Join Robert Penn in his long journey on discovering how making things by hand is a well rooted passion that will forever carve its way for future generations to come.

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