AirPlay Bluetooth Walnut Speaker


The roots of good sound and design come together with the AirPlay Bluetooth Walnut Speaker. If you’re looking for something that looks as good as the music sounds, than you’re not alone. Kith and Kin have utilized the beauty that natural wood brings and incorporated it into a high tech speaker. Powered by Bluetooth or AirPlay, this wi-fi speaker can be used either on its own, or as a power source for a second speaker. Handmade out of Black Walnut and Maple, the tweeter is mounted at the base of the woofer cone allowing for a broad soundstage and point source presentation. In addition, the speaker can easily be laid on its side, a bonus when placing it on your bookshelf. Made to order, this natural born speaker is another example of why we luv’ walnut, and how it brings out the best in everything it touches.

Available directly from Kith and Kin Etsy’s store.