FINEX Cast Iron Skillet


Introducing the FINEX Cast Iron Skillet, an imperative ingredient to home style cooking. If you’re a traditionalist at heart or just luv’ the taste of cooking, there’s nothing quite like cast iron cookware. “Born for burgers, pancakes and baking” FINEX a small Cast iron cookware company based out of Portland, Oregon have dedicated much of their time and effort to creating heirloom, USA made, quality cast iron cookware. With a dedicated specialty cast from their passion for iron, they have developed stunning looking geometric, multi-pour design, with an easy release polished cook surface. Handmade and finished off with a natural flax seed oil, the pot features a wicked industrial looking quick cooling stainless steel spring. With all-round versatility, it is one of the hottest cast iron grills hot of the press ready to use right from the box.

Available directly via FINEX.