Beam Coffee Table


The Beam Coffee Table is beaming of a once proud history. If you’re looking for a coffee table fit you’re your coffee book collection, then the Beam Coffee Table by Uhuru design is the perfect complement, featuring a rich historic story of its own. New York has a history that is literally standing on every block, until those buildings are demolished to make room for their new modern counterpart. Although nothing lasts forever, the beams (joists and supports columns) gain a new life of their own in the Beam Coffee Table. Hand made in the USA out of two 12″ by 12″ antique pine beams (old growth wood that came from Northeast NY at least three hundred years old) held together with walnut splines and sitting on a minimal walnut base. The beams are then finished to a smooth shine giving this beautiful grained wood a well-documented story fit for your favourite modern coffee book collection. To top each table off, they are signed and numbered by the maker in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Like the support the beam once gave, the Beam table is ready to play a feature role in your living room for many more years to come.

Hand built to order in custom sizes and finishes. Request a quote from Uhuru.