Enki Stove Wild

Help reduce your carbon footprint with the Enki Stove Wild. Whether you prefer the convenient fossil fuel propane stove or the traditional open fire pit, they both negatively impact the environment. Yea, a couple open fire pits won’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but that type of thinking is what brought us to where we are now. The Enki Stove is a step forward in not only reducing CO2 and carbon dioxide, but being much more efficient with less. It’s designed to run with every kind of dry biomass while giving you a professional high temp stove without any wasted wood, gas or even smoke. This super efficient stove transforms all the biomass (even the smoke) into energy so you always have a clean, controllable and reliable flame regardless the location. Unlike every other stove, the Enki’s bi-product is a BioChar, an organic charcoal that traps the CO and CO2. It may not be as light as some of the technical propane stoves, but makes for the perfect companion when weight isn’t a consideration.

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Enki Stove WildEnki Stove WildEnki Stove Wild