Whiskey Elements

The Whiskey Elements will bring years of barrel aged flavor in a matter of hours. Transform any generic whiskey into the smooth, rich and deep-in-oak flavor experience that you would typically find in a 30 year old top shelf whiskey. Simply add a Whiskey Element to your bottle of whiskey, wait 24 hours, then enjoy. The Time and Oak Whiskey Elements are crafted from a 100% natural cured oak that is strategically laser cut. This unique design draws the rich caramel color and flavor characteristics from the cured oak, and accelerates the maturing process which helps reduce the impurities usually found within young or cheap whiskey. Don’t just be limited to whiskey – the Element will also enhance rye, bourbon, single malts, and scotch.

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Time and Oak Whiskey ElementsTime and Oak Whiskey ElementsTime and Oak Whiskey Elements