Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Natural Rubber Wetsuit


Ride the wave of environmental stewardship with the all new Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Natural Rubber Wetsuit. As a surfer, you’re probably well aware of how important Mother Nature is, and respect her with all your might. It’s nice to see makers like Patagonia share this respect, creating products like their Yulex collection from all natural Neoprene-free material. The R1 Lite, which is their most pared-down full-length wetsuit, is made from 85% Yulex natural rubber and 15% synthetic rubber (by polymer content) and surrounds a 100% recycled polyester lining. Derived from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources, the suit replaces petroleum-based material with plant-based ones, reducing CO2 emissions up to 80%. Don’t worry, it’s not all just about saving the earth (although it probably should be) the blend of natural rubber with chlorine-free synthetic rubber makes the wetsuit a true performance juggernaut, performing equally to its neoprene counterparts, if not better. With its 2mm thick material, the R1 is designed to be a fast-drying, high-stretch performance driven beast. Combine that with its front-zip design, a replaceable corrosion-proof zipper, asymmetrical flap, triple glued blind stitched seams, and internally taped high stress areas, and you have the range of motion and durability you need when you’re staring down a loaded barrel.

Available in 5 different temperature ranges, R1(65-75˙F) to R5(32-37˙F) directly from