SwissTool Spirit XBS LumberJac

SwissTool Spirit XBS

The SwissTool Spirit XBS has the true spirit every other multitool dreams of. Multitools are a dime a dozen, but when you need one to count on there is nothing quite like a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. With a tool history everyone has come to admire, Victorinox has created an extremely functional, extremely handy and extremely compact award winning multitool. Extremely light, the SwissTool Spirit XBS is made in Switzerland out of burnished stainless steel. It features 23 tools, like needle nose pliers, wire cutters, large blade, wood saw, metal saw, wire bender and can openers, to name a few. Built for everything and more, the SwissTool XBS is the only tool that you’ll ever need at home, work and outdoors.


SwissTool Spirit XBS LumberJac  SwissTool Spirit XBS LumberJacSwissTool Spirit XBS LumberJac